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ZSWOUND is a web platform for a number of projects:

==> Zswound-Main was a MIXILINGUAL experiment which focused on a wide range of practises including multilingual writing, interacting / blending / aggregating languages, “dysfunctional” or diverted translation, pop translation, stolen languages, zaoum, automatically generated texts and mentalingual confusion, etc… Ultimately, this was meant to become what I called a MELTLING SPOT. Zswound-Main was a work in progress which lasted from Dec06 to May08. 

==> A kind of more collaborative area known as Zswound-Mania which was based on  a concept inspired by BP Nichol’s Translating Translating Apollinaire: get one text (stimulus) and find as many alterations as we can.

==> ZSWOUNDERGROUND . The concept behind this new project will soon be explained. Probably when it’s finished.


[A brief note for the French audience suffering from anglophonic allergy: Comme son nom ne l’indique pas, Zswound propose un certain nombre de projets 1) Zswound-Main (pratiques multilingues ou mixilingues -écrites, visuelles, performatives, sonores, etc- traduction/translation (homophonie, ambivalence, sur-interprétation). 2) Zswound-Mania (zone collective -lieu de manipulations, de contorsions, d’ablations et de greffes linguistiques-). 3) Zswounderground dont il n’y a rien à dire si ce n’est que l’extraction vient tout juste de débuter et que les fouilles commencent à sérieusement brouiller les pistes]


 Participations included:
**Sylvain Courtoux
**Lucille Calmel
**Majena Mafe
**Heike Fiedler
**Jacques Barbaut
**Roberto Cavallera
**Lucien Suel
**Rachel Defay-Liautard
**Linh Dinh
**Ted Warnell
**Marco Giovenale
**Spencer Selby
** Dirk Vekemans
**Carmen Racovitza

Amongst our most prestigious uninvited guests, you will find:
** Robert Filliou & friends
** James Joyce
**Hans Bellmer
**David Lynch
**Jean Pierre Brisset
**Maurice Roche
**Jacques Roubaud
**Marcel Duchamp
**Umberto Eco
**Buck 65
** Iliazd & Velimir Khlebnikov
**Kurt Schwitters
**Antonin Artaud
**Valéry Larbaud
**R. Huelsenbeck, M. Janko, Tristan Tzara (Français)

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