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ZSWOUND is a web platform for a number of projects:

==> Zswound-Main was a MIXILINGUAL experiment which focused on a wide range of practises including multilingual writing, interacting / blending / aggregating languages, “dysfunctional” or diverted translation, pop translation, stolen languages, zaoum, automatically generated texts and mentalingual confusion, etc… Ultimately, this was meant to become what I called a MELTLING SPOT. Zswound-Main was a work in progress which lasted from Dec06 to May08. 

==> A kind of more collaborative area known as Zswound-Mania which was based on  a concept inspired by BP Nichol’s Translating Translating Apollinaire: get one text (stimulus) and find as many alterations as we can.

==> ZSWOUNDERGROUND . The concept behind this new project will soon be explained. Probably when it’s finished.


[A brief note for the French audience suffering from anglophonic allergy: Comme son nom ne l’indique pas, Zswound propose un certain nombre de projets 1) Zswound-Main (pratiques multilingues ou mixilingues -écrites, visuelles, performatives, sonores, etc- traduction/translation (homophonie, ambivalence, sur-interprétation). 2) Zswound-Mania (zone collective -lieu de manipulations, de contorsions, d’ablations et de greffes linguistiques-). 3) Zswounderground dont il n’y a rien à dire si ce n’est que l’extraction vient tout juste de débuter et que les fouilles commencent à sérieusement brouiller les pistes]


 Participations included:
**Sylvain Courtoux
**Lucille Calmel
**Majena Mafe
**Heike Fiedler
**Jacques Barbaut
**Roberto Cavallera
**Lucien Suel
**Rachel Defay-Liautard
**Linh Dinh
**Ted Warnell
**Marco Giovenale
**Spencer Selby
** Dirk Vekemans
**Carmen Racovitza

Amongst our most prestigious uninvited guests, you will find:
** Robert Filliou & friends
** James Joyce
**Hans Bellmer
**David Lynch
**Jean Pierre Brisset
**Maurice Roche
**Jacques Roubaud
**Marcel Duchamp
**Umberto Eco
**Buck 65
** Iliazd & Velimir Khlebnikov
**Kurt Schwitters
**Antonin Artaud
**Valéry Larbaud
**R. Huelsenbeck, M. Janko, Tristan Tzara (Français)


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  1. boneman Said:

    so, are you planning on getting a blissymbol generator, too?
    I don’t think any multi-lingual conversation could be made without blissymbolics being mentioned.

    The guy actually designed it for multi nation communication, but, it wasn’t accepted at all….until they discovered that folks with CP, autism, dyslexia (hey, I don’t think it helps folks who occassionally mispell words, so….) could use it with ease even though they had no idea what an alphabet meant.

    ‘Course, it would either take a specific program to create it
    some clown like me who can draw it onto a page and send it as a jpeg.
    Which I will do.

    With mixed reviews, I’m sure.
    But, what the hey… anything top help out the guy who’ll take that body and bury it, eh?

    At least leave a joke.

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