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Experimental projects in the fields of art, writing, life, science and self destruction

CrashTest does not actually accept spontaneous submissions because most of our issues are thematic and we tend to contact the authors / artists directly.
However, if you want to know about our future themes and send some submissions, let us know. 

**October 2008: Together with the new CT mag, a theatrical version of this issue was presented to a sceptical audience who wished they had been somewhere else (probably shopping, knitting or watching TV).  For more details on the issue and the performance, see appropriate page.

**May 2008: FluxNord-FluxSud 08 (+The CarTeD Picture Show).  At this event, a bilingual performance was presented.  Also note the publication of an “artist” card.

**April-May 2007: presentation and installation of UberTrashung.  On this occasion, a copy of the new CT magazine was accessible as an interactive dumping area.  Pictures and further explanations are available on this site.

**April 2006: CRASH TEST was present at “06 en scène”  (music, performance, theatre festival). During the event, we did a presentation of multilingual poetry + performance. The press release said the following: “Poésie(s), Art Action, Performance ” réunira de nombreux poètes, artistes, théoriciens et cinéastes à l’occasion de lectures, de projections vidéo, de performances, de discussions dans un ” dispositif installé pour l’action ” d’Olivier Garcin : Revue de poésie(s). Le programme établi couvre largement les avant-gardes et les émergences les plus pointues opérant dans le département. Ainsi de Fluxus (1962) à Crash Test (2006) en passant par les opérateurs du Garage 103 (1975), du Jardin littéraire (1986), d’ averse.com (1996), de Espace à vendre (2004) et des mouvances intermédiaires, imprécises mais réelles : ” étonnances ” et ” hétéroclicitées ” du domaine poétique. Le programme est ” établi ” mais l’esprit du lieu est ” l’ouverture “.”

*A number of reviews are available in different places.  Here is a selection.  A brief review is available here in the virtual magazine  DAZIBAO (Agence Régionale du Livre PACA): It tells you nothing really except that we do things and that many other guys do the same.  CrashTest has also been featured or referenced on the following sites: Selby’s list, International Exchange for Poetic Invention, Paolo Albani’s site,  CIPM links, etc.

We constantly are seeking new ideas for future CT issues or performances.  If you are interested in sharing some ideas with us, we would be delighted to hear from you.  NOTE: One of our future projects is to co-edit one CT issue with another print magazine (based in the US, the UK or anywhere else really).  If you are the editor of a magazine and would like to discuss the subject, feel free to contact us.


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