1. The Project (No Log’)

For this new project, CrashTest initially wanted to focus on the art of absorbing, modifying, undermining, recycling, faking, negating, dismantling Communication.  CrashTest also wanted to cover the entire spectrum of Communication: brand image, logo, advertising, promotional messages and slogans, packaging, brand art and spam.  The artists (poets, photographers, designers, etc) were invited to exploit, expand or excite the tools, techniques and gimmicks of communication, to promote new objects of desire, to communicate on the meaningless, to re-package our lives and environments, etc… 

2. The Participants

Based on the above stimulus, we invited a number of artists to explore or react to our initial brief. The participants are :

**Mark Amerika
**Paolo Albani
**Mario Hinz
**Rick McGrath
**Clemente Padin
**Rob Read
**Xavier Sabater
**Kenji Siratori
**The Cut-Up Conspiracy
**Danijel Zezelj

The experimental works presented in CrashTest encompass a wide range of styles and writing processes. The types of works that you will find in this issue include :
**Visual poetry
**Spam poetry
**Free association and cut up
**Code writing
**Billboard fiction

All of this is wonderfully packaged within the visionary landscapes of Danijel Zezelj

3. Trendspotting

While preparing this new issue, we explored a number of areas related to culture jamming, ad-busting, spam poetry and flarf. Here are some interesting projects.


Le Terrier anti-Pub: “Il est impossible de répondre aux publicitaires sur les supports même de leur agression permanente? Défoulez- vous dans le Terrier. Détériorez le plus légalement du monde des reproductions, des photos d’affiches, vos gribouillis sur magazines, vos torchages dans des prospectus, maculez, déchirez, brûlez, bref : si rien ne peut abattre la stupidité dominante, rien ne vous oblige non plus à y souscrire ”

Ad Manipulation Centre: ” Show your appreciation to these big corporations that love us so much. Take an ad (from magazines, newspapers, etc.) and manipulate it with drawing, painting, collage,… ” (Several galleries are presented)

Spoof Ads from Ad Busters

False Advertising


Ad Busters (definition and links from wikipedia)

NO LOGO (the site)

The language of poetry and advertising, – an interdisciplinary teaching project at Hamburg University, by Martin Klepper and Ingrid Piller. This article reports upon an interdisciplinary teaching project in linguistics and literary studies conducted in the English Department of Hamburg University. The teaching project was motivated by a perceived lack of communication between linguistics and literary studies, and by a similarity between the text types of poetry and advertising which has as yet gone largely unexplored. In this article we first describe our motivations for the project as well as our motivations in publishing this report. We then go on to describe the development, implementation and evaluation of the project. The article contains three detailed lesson plans and an invitation to appropriate them in other contexts. ”


Brand Art, an article in Bulbe Magazine


The Billboard Liberation Front. Establishing a new paradigm in street marketing


The Bubble Project: “30,000 of these bubble stickers were printed. They are placed on top of ads all over New York City. Passersby fill them in. Later the results are photographed”

Culture Jamming, Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs by Mark Dery

Cultural Activism On the Internet: “Media Hacking, Communication Guerrilla, Culture Jamming” and “Computer Deconstructing, Art for networks” label creative practices that use irony and usually low-tech strategies to subvert communication technologies as tools to manifacture consent, control or mass entertainment.

Recycle Culture. This web site is about making new creative works out of old ones, whether it be fine art or pop culture

Petite poétique du “found-poem”

Found Poetry (on wikipedia)

Flarf Focus

Flarf, spam and google poetry. Awful poems sought and found: From spam to Google, flarf redefines random, by Jordan Davis, The Village Voice

The Virtual Dependency of the Post-Avant and the Problematics of Flarf: What Happens when Poets Spend Too Much Time Fucking Around on the Internet by Dan Hoy, Jacket Magazine

The Flarf Files

Flarf Poetry (on Wikipedia)

Flarf close readings

Manifiesto de la Comunicación

13 insistencias a los trabajadores para -ojalá pronto- cambiarle la suerte a la Cultura y a la Comunicación. Reiteración inconclusa en horas de urgencias mientras los buitres engordan. Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez, Fundación Federico Engels

The Artifacts of Poesia Visiva, by Curtis L. Carter

Parler l’”interlangue” de mon siècle: la Poesia Visiva face aux mass media, by Gaëlle Théval, Trans-N°2 “Littérature et image”

Poesia visiva, La pittura da leggere e viceversa di Lea Vergine

Ron English, Subvertist

Joey Skaggs “Multimedia artist Joey Skaggs has been called everything from the World’s Greatest Hoaxer to a royal pain in the ass. He’s been threatened, assaulted, summonsed, subpoenaed, arrested, deposed, dismissed, trivialized, maligned, even thanked and praised. In fact, Skaggs is America’s most notorious socio-political satirist, media activist, culture jammer, hoaxer, and dedicated proponent of independent thinking and media literacy”

Slumber Inc. “Slumber Inc. is a multinational entity that provides countless numbers of products, services, and lifestyles to the masses. No matter what your religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation, Slumber Inc. is certain that we can offer you something you need and desire. Life is hard. Thinking for yourself and introspection just add to the stress and discomfort you already experience on a daily basis. We at Slumber Inc. understand your plight and think we have a solution for you. Research has proven that Slumber Inc.’s various products, services, and lifestyles not only reduce levels of thinking and creativity to almost zero, but also boost your social status, feelings of acceptance, and sense of self-worth as well. We exist for the good of the people. We know what makes you happy. We know the way to fulfillment. We want what you want. We have the money, the power, and the knowledge to know you better than you know yourself. Why question anything? Whats the point? We already give you all the answers you could ever want. So support Slumber Inc. and its subsidiaries. For those of you who already support Slumber Inc., whether knowingly or unknowingly , we thank you; and for those of you who don’t, you will. » Mimic, President and CEO”

Clemente Padin’s Spam Trasher

Spam I am: Poetry meets spam in an inbox near you, by Hillary Rhodes (Associated Press)

Stay Free Magazine and their (great) galleries dedicated to Illegal Arts

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